Work Experience

Undertaking work experience is a great way to learn about the world of work, and gain hands-on experience in your industry. Open to students from years 9-12, Thorndale Industries hosts work experience in packaging, assembly, warehousing and garden maintenance.

Thorndale believes every young person should have the opportunity to work and feel the sense of personal pride this provides. Thorndale focuses on supporting young people with a disability to achieve their employment goals. We work with schools and communities to help bring relevance to the curriculum, and encourage young people to think about their careers. Thorndale Industries is proud to support over 150 students each year. Contact us to see how we can help you to achieve your work experience goals.

Work Placement 

Our work placement provides students with the opportunity to apply their learning in the work place.

Thorndale also offers work placement to students studying at TAFE or University or other Training Provider in fields such as;

  • disability
  • community services
  • social science.


 ‘You can make all the difference’. Thorndale Foundation and Thorndale Industries welcome volunteers. Volunteers make an extraordinary contribution to the disability services sector in a variety of ways. Please contact us if you would like to know more about volunteering.

To make an enquiry about Work experience or Volunteering, please contact us by either:

Call us on (02) 9912 7800
or email info@thorndale.com.au 

Call us on (02) 9912 7800 or
E: info@thorndale.com.au

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