Support Coordination


What is your reason for coming to our website? Maybe you’re looking for something different, or maybe you just want a change. Well whatever your reason Thorndale Foundation is passionate about delivering  services that empower people with disabilities to live the life you have always wanted.

We would not like to put you inside a box and say this is for you. In fact we want to challenge our clients to think outside the box! We believe this is essential to making the most of the opportunities that NDIS funding has to offer. We seek to understand you and then for you to understand us. It is a partnership.

Everything we do is about you! Our dedicated team wants to assist you in developing services that will be tailored around you reaching your goals while still being flexible and open to change along the way.

We’ll keep in regular contact with you to see how you’re progressing and to ensure you are happy with the supports that you are receiving and you can contact us anytime that you may need some help with an issue.

Our Support Coordination is here to help you with:

  • Assistance to search for and connect with therapies and supports, both disability specific and mainstream.
  • Assist you with service set-up processes.
  • Coordinate your services and help maintain the ongoing support.
  • Help with trying to find supported accommodation if you need it.
  • Point of contact for anything to do with your NDIS Plan.
  • Just being there for you.
Support Coordination

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