School Leavers Employment Support

‘Where opportunities exist’

Our SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports) service is a program designed to assist individuals transitioning from school to the workforce.

It covers important aspects of finding and keeping a job while providing training in many employment related skills.

Thorndale has partnered with Nepean Community College to offer a range of accredited training options including work experience, workplace excursions, team building, problem solving and much more with a view to obtaining employment in a Supported Employment Enterprise or the Open Labour market.

Thorndale SLES includes the following:

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  • Preparing for work
  • Being at work 
  • Work and living
  • Working in the future
  • Work experience
  • Workplace excursions
  • Team building
  • Working with others
  • Problem solving
  • Work health and safety
  • Individualised and group support

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